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DVLGATOR PROMOTION: the fourth album of mexican YATROGENY

DEFOX RECORDS and INVINCIBLE RECORDS are proud to announce the fourth album of YATROGENY
considered one of the best south american's death metal band.
The upcoming album titled "Ouroboros" will be available in every worldwide Digital music store and scheduled on January 31th.

YATROGENY has returned with the new line-up guests Martin Martinez (XIPE TOTEC, ECLECTIC SPAWN): Miguel Angel Angeles and Rogelio Rojas on vocals. A deep voice and a sharp, different shades to make a record with more variations. Melodic Death Metal with keyboard atmospheres, acoustic guitars and harmonies with unison sound delay with elaborate melodies.

The idea of chaos, pessimism, existentialism, absurdity and Hyperborean Gnosis fundamentals are the values for the lyrics of Ouroboros. Perhaps the best YATROGENY production so far ...

Yatrogeny is a melodic death metal band formed by Martin Martinez (Eclectic Spawn – Xipe Totec) and Jorge Sánchez ( ex Kadath) in 1999.
Yatrogeny’s first record was released on Mat Studios in 2000. This would be the first album to be released by Mexican record label Ablaze Recs in 2004. Entitled “Taedium Vitae “, it contains thirteen tracks packed with speed and melody. The album was received quite well in Mexican territory. 
Existentialism and spiritual crisis reign the thematic of the album, inspired by well-known writers such as 
Hermann Hesse and Ernesto Sabato.
Band members that collaborated on this album: Martin Martínez (drums, bass and guitars); Jorge Sánchez (guitars) and Aldo Krilin (vocals).

Their second album, also released by Ablaze Recs, had better guitar performances. The guitar tunings changed to D major, which contributed to obtaining staggering results for melodies and polyphony. 
The lyrics revolve around old medieval heresies; the prevailing rejection of the god of the Old Testament as the old cathars stated.
The same band members of the previous album participated on its recording, with the inclusion of Alejandro Melo on vocals (drummer in Sabacthani –Everbleed).

The third album was released on european DeFox Records/Invincible Records. 
This record was entitled “Radical Pessimism”, and was recorded on Mat Studios in 2010. 
It contains nine tracks, accompanied by prolonged soloing (more so than on previous albums). 
The lyrics delve into the pessimistic philosophy of Schopenhauer, Sakia Muni Buda and Leopardi and Cioran.

YATROGENY promo from Ouroboros the song "Noumenon"

Current Line up:

Martin Martinez: All Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards & lyrics
Miguel Angel Angeles: Voice
Rogelio Rojas: Voice
Recorded & Mixed in MAT Studios. from May -- Aug 2013. 

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