VIDEO Promotion

DVLGator Bureau delivers and promote Music Videos, Live performances Videos, NEWS, Advertising, Promotional Images, 
No-Conventional Marketing Services through Video Sharing Platforms, Social Networks, Social News, Aggregators, Web Communities and Blogs.

NEWS, Press Bureau, Creative comunication, for promote New Music Talents and Emerging Artists.

DVLGATOR Bureu offering LOW COST special promotional solutions, a highly targeted Video release campaign for BANDS, ARTISTS (any style of music);
DVLGATOR guarantees that your Youtube Link or VIDEO will delivers and promote on more than twenty (20) of our channels and sites within two weeks of submission.

Also exclusive exposure through our brand CINAOTIKO in China's biggest online video sharing platforms called YOUKU.

Please send your @mail to: dvlgator[@]gmail[dot]com

Our Video Channel on VUBE has over 90.000 views in just a few days!

Do you want to see your VIDEO on international video CHARTS? 
Example of CARDIAC's Campaign on Beat100, largest world's video charts!
In this Social Video, our channel have more than 13.000 total views in few months!

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