sabato 4 gennaio 2014

DVLGATOR PROMOTION: the Neoclassical Metal band from Indonesia called GARUDA FORCE

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are happy to presents the Hard'n'Heavy band from Indonesia called GARUDA FORCE
The debut EP titled "Blue" will be available in January 30th on every digital worldwide webstores.

GARUDA FORCE, aka G-FORCE is a Melodic Neoclassical Metal band formed in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1998 with other name, Mels.

G-FORCE recorded their own songs in MELS Studio from end of December 2012 until beginning of January 2013. 
MELS Studio is GARUDA FORCE homebase  as well as a music studio  owned by GARUDA FORCE guitarist, Jay G-Force. 
There are 5 songs recorded  and included in their debut EP, 2 tracks in English and the rest tracks (3 tracks) are in Indonesian Language.

Track List:
1. Blue Sky 
2. Bayang Malam 
3. Bencana 
4. Harta Tahta Wanita 
5. If U Die 

Regi Weking (Vocal),
Jay(Lead Guitar),
Iwan Stun (Guitar),
Toto (Bass), 
Edo Gawa (Drum)

Facebbok: Garuda-Force
Record Label:
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