mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

DVLGATOR Promotion: Electronic and Psichedelic sound for ELECTROSONIC

PAST PRESENT FUTURE… And… finally… Electrosonic’s brand new album: an innovative and captivating project, sound that blends energy and atmosphere, rock and electronic music. Our unreleased tracks get straight to the point, able to fascinate people and convey emotions. A band that wants to leave a mark in creative music and entertainment and that can involve you.

Electrosonic is an innovative, original and captivating musical project and also is a different way to perceive music. The idea of electronic music blends to live music and the live show is a melting of video projection and music. We can give you emotions in different ways, a straight and multi-sensorial channel between band and audience.

In 2013 the band entered national compilations and some of their songs of their brand new album Past Present Future has been broadcasted from hundreds of Italian and foreign radios, reaching good results, approval and interest. Electrosonic has been mentioned in the magazines “Muzi Kult” and “Ente Friuli per il Mondo”. The band also reached remarkable position in the “Indie Music Like” national ranking.

Guido Tonizzo, is lyrics and music author and composer, singer, keyboard player and arranger and he has absolute pitch. 
He works with an expert and unique in style team of musicians.

Band members:
GUIDO TONIZZO: vocals, keyboards, lyrics and music composer and arranger
DAVIDE GARBIN: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
STEFANIA DELLA SAVIA: bass, backing vocals
NICOLETTA ZILLI: vocals, backing vocals

You can buy „Past Present Future“, a powerful album made of ten pop, electronic and psichedelic songs. It explains the importance of living the present, feeling free from the past and its negative matters to create the best future in the best way possible. To keep in touch with the band and to know the latest news you can find us on facebook or on our website.

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