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Heart Of Steel Records is pleased to announce the gothic metal veterans SHIVAN

Heart Of Steel Records is pleased to announce the gothic metal veterans SHIVAN.
The Album titled “Necessary Illusions” contains 8 songs Influenced Anathema, Paradise Lost, Moonspell and Tiamat. 
The digital release will be available in 2015, December 01th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

Shivan were born in the 90's, from the idea of founder member Giovanni Landolina, as a band of friends in their twenties,
with a great passion for gothic/black metal (very popular in these years). In 1997 the band recorded their first four track demo titled "Bitter As Gall" (in cassette tape); it got good reviews and allowed the band to perform their first live gigs in Veneto, Italy. During the following years, took place the songwriting process, influenced by black and extreme metal while maintaining a decadent sound, that lead Shivan to record their first full-lenght "Whatever Lot's Above", released in 2002 by Pulsar Light Records. 

With Massimo "Beba" on vocals and Francesco Soccal on drums, the sound of the band changed, leaving behind the extreme side, to come closer to bands like Paradise Lost, Anathema and Moonspell and adding the anger of classic metal and dark/wave sounds. 

Several years later, this line up entered the studio to record the their second album "When Wishes Sicken": 8 tracks and a remix, done at Majestic Studios 
and published by My kingdom Music in 2007.
The band supported the release with many gigs, getting reviews, interviews and radio streams. In 2011, a cover of the song "Aurora B" by Krisma (renowned new wave/electronic band from Italy) is recorded and included in the official tribute release "Chybernation". Meanwhile, bass player Elia Dalla Pola and guitar player Fausto Cancian joined the band. Shivan are now back with a new work, which brings a more decadent and angry sound and explores the lives of each member through their emotions, fears and aspirations.

"Necessary Illusions", recorded by Rossano Palù (DB Boulevard/La Fuertezza), features 8 tracks of speed/gothic metal, where the listener is on the edge 
between the abyss and the sublime.
For fans of Anathema, Paradise Lost, Moonspell and Tiamat.

Line up 2015:   
Massimo “Beba” Buonerba – voice 
Giovanni Landolina – guitar, keyboards 
Elia Dalla Pola – bass 
Francesco Soccal – drums 
Fausto Cancian - guitar

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