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DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are excited to announce the debut album of brazilian wild sleazy Rock'n'Roll band called FOX N'SNAKES!
The album titled "Sacrifice" will be available in every digital worldwide webstores in October 30th.

Fox n’ Snakes has a modern sound with a very strong classic rock influence and play in a very natural and spontaneous way, they have a modern vibe mixed with the feeling and attitude from the old school days. 
The band have receive great review in the brazilian media, "" and in the "Roadie Crew magazine" played in several festivals and events. 
The Fox n’ Snakes songs now in airplay rotation in 13 different online radios.
This is Rock and Roll, down to the bones and soul.

Official video on Youtube

Fox n’ Snakes  started musical activities in the city of Americana, São Paulo’s countryside in the year of 2010, and formed by singer and guitarist X (Udson R.M.) and his partner Pandy (Camila Fernandes) as drummer.
X has played in many bands previously, but had never found his “true sound”. 
This changed when he meet Pandy and they decided to form a band together.
The name and symbology of the band rappresents the mysticism, each band members has strong connections to mystic subjects and they see the band as Sacred thing. 
The sound mixing the personal influences of each member, in 2012 was released the first album, titled Sacrifice (being another reference to the exoteric side of the band). 
The album was recorded, produced and mixed by X in his home studio.
X and Pandy after various line-up changed, have now the new bass player, they always kept as a Power Trio. 

Currently, the line up is:
X – Guitar and Vocals 
Pandy - Drums 
Leandro – Bass

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