venerdì 17 maggio 2013

SILENCE OATH interview and CD compilation on SLOWLY WE ROT Fanzine #3 issue

We are proud to inform that We have worked for the extreme metal band SILENCE OATH and arranged interview and participation in CD compilation on SLOWLY WE ROT Fanzine #3 issue.

The song included on Fanzine and CD titled "Forgotten graves" is a strong and obscure Death Metal gem, song from the debut album "Beneath a Bleeding Sky" published by Invincible Records.

SLOWLY WE ROT #3 is out now, 64 pages, A4 format, glossy paper, professional print

Picture from phone 

Slowly We Rot #3 comes with a free Extreme and Traditional Metal compilation CD featuring: Blasphemation, Bode Preto, Centimani, Convent Guilt, Erimha, Haboryn, Infernal Creation, Loudrage, Masteriis, Nocturne, Relentless, Sabiendas, Sentinelles, Silence Oath, Skum, Solothus, Dark Desolation, Malekhamoves

For the first time the zine comes together with a free A3 poster, too!

SILENCE OATH "Forgotten graves" form Youtube

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